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ESL for Business: Improve Your Workplace English

Improve Your Workplace English helps strengthen your ESL skills for the Ontario Workplace, giving you the advantage you need to effectively communicate with your co-workers, managers and clients, and achieve your career goals.

Get Ahead in Your Career with Better Business Communication Skills

As an Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) or an Internationally Trained Professional (ITP), you have excellent qualifications and technical skills obtained in another country to get work and successfully perform your job duties in Ontario. 

You may, however, feel your work life is unfulfilling due to a lack of strong Canadian English business skills and may have experienced one of the following:

  • Received a negative performance review or confusing feedback 
  • Been asked to rewrite business documents (letters, reports) more than once
  • Given a presentation and felt people did not really understand you
  • Had difficulty expressing your ideas with your teammates or peers in meetings
  • Felt uncomfortable starting or maintaining a casual conversation with co-workers or supervisors
  • Been passed over for a promotion even though your technical qualifications met or exceeded requirements

If you have encountered any of these or other negative situations due to your communication skills, consider business English and communications training from Improve Your Workplace English (IYWE).

Personalized Business English Training in Ontario

Marjorie Friesen, owner of and trainer at IYWE, has over ten years’ experience teaching IEPs and other adult immigrants. Her passion to help IEPs improve their business communication skills has driven her to focus on spoken and written communications training specifically for the Ontario workplace.

In addition, her fifteen years of work experience in several organizations has given her insight into issues that IEPs encounter with Ontario workplace culture.

She offers a completely customized training program to work with your employees to improve their corporate English skills.

Unlike other ESL courses offered by colleges and universities, there is no pre written curriculum. All training is based on the client’s individual needs. Furthermore, the trainer is not restricted to a tight schedule, so will provide additional explanation of a subject when required.

Marjorie has experience providing business English skills training to:

  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Business professionals

Management and Human Resources Benefits

Help boost productivity by giving employees effective communication abilities! Improve Your Workplace English will train your IEPs on business English speaking, writing and listening skills.

Reduce communication conflicts between your employees and their teammates or co-workers by ensuring your IEPs are heard and understood in the workplace.

Improve customer/client satisfaction through clearer spoken, non-verbal and written communication with your employees.

Build your IEPs’ confidence in their workplace culture and language skills.

As a resource for company owners, line managers and HR professionals who want their IEP employees to be promoted or take on more client-facing roles, IYWE will work closely with you and your employees, offering a direct approach to your needs.

Flexible Appointment Times

You can benefit from IYWE’s online business English skills communication training anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you. IYWE works closely with clients from all over Ontario to develop a strategic and reasonable plan that fits your company’s schedule to help your employees learn ESL for Business in Ontario.

Call or email IYWE today to learn more about how IYWE can help you succeed in your career.


“Improve Your Workplace English has helped me to build my confidence in my spoken English, including my pronunciation, maintain eye contact during conversations, improve my English through online study and update my résumé to make it more concise and readable.”

- Younis Al-Atari, Mechanical Engineer, Fourmark Manufacturing


“Improve Your Workplace English has helped me improve my written business communications (reports, memos, and technical papers), including my ability to write more concise sentences and use words in the proper context. Through the instruction provided by IYWE, my spoken English and vocabulary have also improved, as well as my understanding of the nuances of the English language and Canadian workplace cultural issues. I appreciate the dedication, integrity, expertise and ability of IYWE to learn and apply technical terms.”

- Jin Dong Du, Geotechnical Engineer, SNC-Lavalin


“Improve Your Workplace English helped me improve my written business communications, particularly e-mails. Through IYWE’s instruction, I learned how to write more concise, accurate English sentences.”

- Safari Agabs, Saftech Canada


“Working with Improve Your Workplace English has helped me improve my speaking and conversation skills, and build my confidence when approaching potential clients. My vocabulary and pronunciation have also improved so people understand me better.”

- Harry Sarvaiya, B.Eng., REMAX Broker

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